Powershell Web Access Authorization error

Received this error on my initial attempt after setup of Powershell Web Access (pswa).

An authorization failure occurred. Verify that you are authorized to connect to the destination computer.pswaerror


The documentation is clear that there are no authorization rules on the “out-of-the-box” install of PSWA and so you have to use the Add-PswaAuthorizationRule cmdlet. Which I did and it still wasn’t working.

Small gotcha that isn’t so clear from the documentation:

You must set the -configuration name parameter as microsoft.powershell. You can’t just use any name you want.

Add-PswaAuthorizationRule -UserName "domain\john.doe" `
-ComputerName * -ConfigurationName microsoft.powershell

Well technically you can use any configuration name you want, you just have to specify that name when you try to log in to PSWA to replace the pre-filled value in the form. So just set the configuration name to microsoft.powershell and save yourself the headache.