Manager can update membership list (multiple users)

The add-adpermission method is such a more elegant fix than what other bloggers have. Good post!

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If you need to give a user permission to update active directory security or distribution group members you need to give the user write permission on the active directory group object. After one of the following actions a user is able to update the members of a group with Microsoft Outlook of Active Directory Users and Computers.

  1. Active Directory Users and Computers (one user only)
    Check “Manager can update membership list” checkbox for AD groups
  2. With Tools4ever’s UMRA (for multiple users)
    – Use the “Add AD permissions” Dynamic Action
    – Use the following fields
      – Idenity
      – Account
      – Access rights = “WriteProperty”
      – Properties = “Member”
      – DomainController
  3. Microsoft Exchange Powershell SnapIn (for multiple users)
    Add-ADPermission -Identity ‘AD_Group_Name’ -User ‘AD_Username’ -AccessRights WriteProperty -Properties “Member”


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