Remotely Managing Windows-based SNMP Service using PSTools

Problem Statement:

I have a large quantity of Windows based server and need to update the SNMP security settings on them. A google search will result in lots of complicated scripts or process that have to be completed by hand. I wasn’t satisfied with any of these solutions so I turned to the PSTools from Sysinternals instead. This isn’t intended to be a comprehensive article, it is merely what I have found to be the simpliest approach.

The examples in this article require the psexec and psservice executables. You can download them from the Microsoft website at

If you had Microsoft System Center this process is really easy but I don’t have SCCM at my disposal in this environment.

Windows Server 2008

Installing SNMP Service:

psexec @serverslist.csv  “start ocsetup snmp /quiet /norestart”

Notes: (1) serverlist.csv is a text document with one column which has a server name per row; (2) I don’t have the username and password switches in my command because I ran the command with a user account that has admin rights on the target server.

Configuring SNMP Service:

Either of the following approaches work well:

Import a registry key (reg command works on Win 2003 and 2008):

psexec @serverlist.csv "reg import snmp.reg"

Group Policy:

Windows 2008 Group Policy features give the ability to set registry keys to Windows 2008 servers.

Restarting SNMP Service

I found that after setting the SNMP settings across all of my servers the servers still were not reporting to my NMS. To force the issue I ran the following script to restart the SNMP service on all my servers:

foreach ($line in $serverlist) {.\psservice "\\$($line.hostname)" restart snmp}

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