Outlook 2007/2010: Add all Address Book Entries to Auto-Complete list

I read several online article describing adding contacts to the auto-complete list and while they may well be right, I wasn’t getting the same results. Every article I found said to open the Contacts section of Outlook, select all contacts and then click New -> Mail Message. I tried this several times and my contact’s did not show up in my auto-complete list.

After some troubleshooting the following steps did work for me:

1.) Disconnect your network adapter

2.) Start a new email and click the “To…” button

3.)  Change your address book to ‘Contacts’ or whatever is the name of your locally defined address book in your Outlook client

4.) Click on the name in the list, hold down the Shift key and scroll down to the last entry and click with your mouse (still holding the shift key). With all the contacts selected, click the “To ->” button and click OK. (Names have been redacted to protect the innocent 🙂

5.) Now you have an email ready to go to send to all of your contacts. Press Send. (Remember your network adapter is disconnected).

6.) Close Outlook and re-open it. You will find our message still in our Outbox. Delete it.

At this point try to write an email and you will find your contacts in your auto-complete list.

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