McKesson Horizon Patient Folder on Windows Server 2008 64bit editions Cryptography Service Error #6


On 64-bit editions of Windows 2008 I kept getting the following error when installing McKesson HPF (Horizon Patient Folder / Horizon Business Folder) version 13 through version 15 (presumably this works on even lower versions of HPF):

Cryptography Service Error #6: Please confirm the value at [regkey] contains an encrypted value. A critical error has occurred in the Cryptography Service API that is preventing the API from performing the necessary Decrypt2011 service!

The issue here is that I had an encrypted password in the key at HKLM\SOFTWARE\…\PSWD so why was I getting this error?


HPF doesn’t detect that the OS is 64-bit so it installed the reg keys where it normally would for a 32-bit machine. So the solution is to move everything that got installed to HKLM\SOFTWARE\IMNET to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\IMNET. Once I did this the application worked fine.


I presume that this work around might work for other applications that were built for 32-bit and fail on 64-bit. As the problem comes up I’ll try it out and amend this blog post.

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