2X is a good application that suffers from poor support. Here I am posting the steps necessary to make 2X Cloud Portal work.

1. On one of your gateway servers, install the IIS role, create a certificate, and bind port 443 to the 2x Web Server site.

IIS Site Binding Settings

2. Install 2X Cloud Portal

3. Configure the Cloud Portal web service settings:

Primary Hostname / IP: This should be your public IP or name such as 2xweb.mydomain.com or

Connection Type: SSL Mode

Port: 8443 (or any other port that IIS or 2X is not using)

Allow me to pause and give some commentary here. If you set the IP as your public/NAT’d IP, then you won’t be able to test this from behind your firewall. For testing purposes you may want to set the IP to the internal IP of your server and once validated that everything is working, change it to your public/NAT’d IP.

You may not want to enforce security on until after you have validated your set up is working but definately suggest enabling this setting before making your system available to for general use.

4. Modify your 2X Gateway servers to work with the web service

On the Advanced tab of the Properties window of the Gateway, if your Cloud Portal service is running on your gateway then, set the value for HTTP Server(s): as localhost:8443

On the SSL/TLS tab, active the “Enabled SSL on Port:” option and set the value to 8443

5. Modify your firewall to allow connections the 2X Cloud Service

Open port 443 to allow traffic to IIS, and allow port 8443 to allow the 2X Client to communicate.

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